5 Reasons Why Couples Counseling Is Right For You

For any long-term relationship, you’re sure to receive a lot of relationship advice, a lot of which will be unsolicited. However, there are times where you may want to seek out some sort of relationship advice, such as through couples counseling. If you and your true love are struggling, you might wonder if an LCSW, …

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get your marriage on track

5 Relationship Tips to Get Your Marriage On Track

There’s no shortage of reasons why your marriage could run off the tracks but, no matter what the root of the problem, it’s got one undeniable frustration: Your relationship is suffering. While disagreements are to be expected in any healthy relationship, the truth is that many married couples go through tough times due to more …

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make your marriage stronger

3 Tips to Make Your Marriage Stronger

In a happy relationship or one that could use some work, there’s nothing wrong with increasing the intimacy or strengthening your marriage. After all, any married couple can benefit from a little more spark. Newlyweds or long-time spouses can find reasons and ways to build this strength.  Before you determine how to make your marriage …

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Marriage Counseling

5 Challenges Couples Face When Going Through Therapy

By the time you and your spouse or partner decided to try couples therapy, you‘d likely faced your fair share of challenges. Even still, counseling itself can come with a wide array of challenges, some of which you’ve been better prepared for than others. It’s hard to deny that the intervention and relationship advice offered …

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couples therapy

8 Signs Your Marriage Needs Couples Therapy

Marriage is no easy task, which is why approximately 40% to 50% of couples divorce. If you’re married, you might experience times when your relationship seems stagnant, dull, or even bad. When these times occur, you can ignore the issues and let your marriage fade and worsen, or you can do something about it. One of the best …

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choosing therapy retreats

7 Tips on Choosing Therapy Retreats for Couples

Is your happily ever after starting to spiral out of control? With all the daily struggles and trials thrown at couples, it’s not uncommon to feel this way. Don’t let the divorce rate fool you, though. You can address these stressors and learn to deal with them by choosing therapy retreats. It doesn’t matter if …

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better sex life

8 Tips for Couples on Achieving a Better Sex Life

Are you looking to spice up your married sex life? There are many different ways to boost your marriage, including better sex. While physical intimacy isn’t the only foundation of your relationship, it’s a key part. It’s a way to reaffirm your bond and connect on an emotional level. But due to the busy nature …

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marriage counseling

9 Common Signs You Need Marriage Counseling

You jump as your spouse slams the bedroom door. It’s been days, weeks even, since your last civil conversation. You can’t even remember the last time you held hands or went on a date. If this sounds like your marriage, it may be helpful to consider marriage counseling. Marriage counseling has been shown to positively …

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choosing couples therapists

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Couples Therapists

Are you looking for help with your relationship? Every marriage or relationship goes through rocky patches, it’s only normal. It’s how you deal with them with your partner that determines the lasting nature of your bond. When times get tough, there’s no harm in admitting you need a helping hand. But if you’ve never tried …

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how to fall back in love

This Is How to Fall Back in Love With Your Partner

It is common knowledge that 40 to 50 percent of couples in the United States get divorced. Many more experience marital issues and feel like they are falling out of love with their partner. However, feeling like this doesn’t mean your marriage is over. If you want to learn how to fall back in love …

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