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We each have a need to feel valued, understood and loved by our partner. YES, It is possible and we know how, and you can too! Learn How →

Couples Marriage Retreat Approaches

We offer different retreats to work with your relationship: groups with others couples,  and one on one couple intensives. Couples marriage retreats offer week-long involvement as an alternative to weekly therapy.

Couples Intensive Therapy Retreat

One couple and one therapist for multi-day immersive work.

Move your relationship forward!

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“Hold Me Tight” Group Weekend Workshop

Saturday & Sunday sessions of our foundation workshop

Worth ten individual sessions.

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Hold Me Tight Workshop

Group Five-Day Retreat Residential

Come to a retreat location for 5-day group session.

Room and board provided.

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Who we are & why we want to help your relationship succeed!

“An Affair of the Heart was created when Alicia and I took a Hold Me Tight weekend workshop together. I wanted to experience the process in my own relationship while I was getting a certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  The course amazed us. Our already very good relationship got better.

We see “An Affair of the Heart” as  a way to continue the work I was doing with couples; and give us time together. The full program grew out of our own relationship, of the trauma work and therapy intensives I was already doing, the success we had providing Hold Me Tight workshops, and requests from participants for more such work.

So for us this is “An Affair of the Heart.”