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The Solution Is In The Relationship.

Intensive Couples Therapy Retreats in Western MA


Over 40 Years Of Experience Healing Relationships

We all have the need to feel valued, understood and loved by our partner.

Even if your relationship is currently in turmoil, it is completely possible to recapture the connection you once shared.

We specialize in private intensive couples retreats that get right to the heart of the problem, producing significant progress in days, not months.

Our step-by-step, predictable and comprehensive therapeutic process is based on over 40 years of experience helping couples like you to:

• Strengthen Your Bond

• Heal Your Relationship

• Empower Your Connection

• Move Forward Together

5-Day Intensive Couples Retreats

In our experience, nothing gets a relationship back on track as quickly or effectively as a private intensive couples retreat. A retreat offers better results than a year of weekly therapy and is condensed into one week, saving you an enormous amount of time and money.

For 5 days, you will be guided through our research-backed protocol where you will learn how to reboot your relationship, reestablish trust with your partner and successfully navigate emotional challenges while maintaining open and effective communication.

Why a Couples Retreat?