Sage Goodwin, LMFT

Sage Goodwin

Sage Goodwin, LMFT

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    Life Transitions


    Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy


    Play Therapy

    Drama Therapy

    Location: Providence, RI

    I wanted to be a therapist even when I was young and can’t remember considering any other career path. My work is a huge part of my identity. It has become a way of life rather than a job.

    My training and practice has allowed me the unique opportunity to work with a broad range of people with different goals and needs. I always feel honored and privileged to be allowed into my clients-into their depths with their trust. I believe that learning to be a therapist is a never-ending process, and that if I am asking my clients to be curious, I need to practice that in my own life. I have extensive training in many areas and bring them all into my work, tailoring the experience to each individuals and couple. I will continue to acquire more tools, refine those I have, and keep digging deeper in my practice to meet people where they are, to hear what they want, and to challenge them to move towards more fulfillment. I  want everyone to feel I am walking alongside them, working toward healing and beyond.

    I have trained in:

    • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). A empirically validated model of couples therapy. I am one of two certified EFT therapists in Rhode Island
    • Internal Family Systems (IFS)
    • Trauma and have a certification from Simmons College
    • Play therapy, children centered and filial therapy
    • Drama Therapy, masters is with a focus in DT
    • Bachelors in Psychology from Colorado University at Boulder
    • Masters in Counseling Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA
    • Licensed as a marriage and family therapist, meaning my education has a focus on this specialty

    Please contact me for any questions about any of my training. I am happy to speak more in detail about each of them.

    Our first marriage counselor was too direct which caused my husband to become defensive and quit. Our second quit us, right before I was going to –claiming he brought us as far as he was able. Then my personal therapist recommended we find someone who specialized in Emotional Focused Therapy. We randomly chose Sage and

    My wife and I have had marital issues throughout our long marriage. Twice we tried “marriage counseling” to no avail. We didn’t understand the problem, let alone have a solution. After some research, we decided that EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) made the most sense, particularly because I was impressed with how Sage explained EFT and

    We started to see Sage for couples therapy at what we thought was the end of our marriage, as a last act of desperation. We were stuck in a really destructive pattern. Going into therapy felt horribly vulnerable. But, Sage has the remarkable ability to acknowledge all the emotions in the room, to validate one