Month: May 2021

types of couples therapy

What Are the Different Types of Couples Therapy?

During the dark months of the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. divorce rates spiked 34%. Of all divorcing couples, 31% said added pandemic stress contributed to their break-up. It’s not hard to see the logic. A national health crisis and its economic consequences caused marriages with fissures to break. Our relationships changed during the past year, and …

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reasons people get divorced

What Are the Common Reasons People Get Divorced?

People love to say that 50% of marriages end in divorce as if they’re a coin-flip. A deeper dive into the US statistics paint a different picture. Recent data shows 14.9 divorces for every 1,000 marriages. This statistic doesn’t mean more people are now living happily ever after. No matter the data, a high number …

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marriage counseling process

The Marriage Counseling Process: This Is How Long It Takes

Did you know that nearly 50% of married couples have been to marriage counseling? You might think that’s a high number, but it’s understandable considering that relationships are complicated and may do better with an objective outside observer.  If you are wondering about the marriage counseling process, then you are in the right place. Read …

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physical intimacy in marriage

This Is the Importance of Physical Intimacy in Marriage

Is there a rift in your relationship that you can’t seem to cross? Are you having trouble finding physical intimacy in marriage? As your relationship grows throughout the years, sometimes you’ll run into problems that put your bond on fragile ice. It’ll feel like you can’t find a way to communicate without fighting or you …

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secrets to a happy marriage

8 Simple Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Some people say that the honeymoon phase lasts anywhere from six months to two years into the relationship. If you are already married, chances are you have survived and thrived for far longer. So you will know there is no marriage rulebook and no step-by-step guide to creating a lasting marriage. But there are certain …

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