marriage counseling process

The Marriage Counseling Process: This Is How Long It Takes

Did you know that nearly 50% of married couples have been to marriage counseling? You might think that’s a high number, but it’s understandable considering that relationships are complicated and may do better with an objective outside observer.  If you are wondering about the marriage counseling process, then you are in the right place. Read …

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physical intimacy in marriage

This Is the Importance of Physical Intimacy in Marriage

Is there a rift in your relationship that you can’t seem to cross? Are you having trouble finding physical intimacy in marriage? As your relationship grows throughout the years, sometimes you’ll run into problems that put your bond on fragile ice. It’ll feel like you can’t find a way to communicate without fighting or you …

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secrets to a happy marriage

8 Simple Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Some people say that the honeymoon phase lasts anywhere from six months to two years into the relationship. If you are already married, chances are you have survived and thrived for far longer. So you will know there is no marriage rulebook and no step-by-step guide to creating a lasting marriage. But there are certain …

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couples retreat therapy sessions

4 Ways Couples Retreat Therapy Sessions Can Save Your Marriage

Is your marriage becoming something you never thought it would be? Do you need to take some time away and figure your relationship out? Are you wondering about the benefits of an all-inclusive couples therapy retreat? Maybe you’ve got some problems with communication, or don’t feel as close to your spouse as you used to. …

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couples therapy retreat

3 Things You’ll Only Learn on a Couples Therapy Retreat

Last year, divorce rates and breakups skyrocketed. Spending so much time alone with a significant other caused many couples to rethink their relationship. New stressors also came up that most of us weren’t prepared to deal with. Quarantine, job loss, and isolation were just a few. Many couples have had a hard time addressing these …

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couples therapy retreat

Why Is a Retreat Better Than Couples Therapy?

It’s no secret that life is stressful as it is. The thought of piling a divorce on top of everything else only adds to that tension. Divorce is one of life’s most stressful changes, but couples on the brink of a split have options that can take them away from the stress that is putting …

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save your marriage

How to Save Your Marriage From Divorce

Divorce is not the answer to every marriage problem. There’s an 18% decline in the divorce rate in the US today. Data shows that more and more couples are finding ways to stick together through thick and thin. No marriage is perfect. The obstacles that every relationship meet along the way are what make it …

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finding a couples therapist

Tips for Finding a Couples Therapist for Your Situation

There’s a lot of talk about finding ways to stay as a couple forever. However, what if you can’t find those ways? Is divorce the only option, as in the case of 40-50% of marriages in the U.S.? Here’s where marriage counseling comes into play. Sometimes, all a couple needs are access to the right …

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poor communication

Avoiding Poor Communication: 8 Communication Tips for Married Couples

If you’re struggling to communicate with your partner, you’re not alone. No couple is immune to poor communication issues from time to time, and it can be a big stressor on a marriage if it’s not addressed. But there are several things both you and your spouse can do to solve this problem. And they’re pretty …

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effects of divorce

What Are the Negative Effects of Divorce?

Nobody should have to suffer through a failing marriage. The hopes of a forever future with your best friend may seem like they’re fading into a background of arguments and disappointment. For many, including 40 to 50 percent of married couples, it may feel like the only way out is divorce. But does it have …

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