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Can My Childhood Trauma Affect My Marriage

Synopsis:  An Affair By The Heart explains how childhood trauma can affect your marriage and how we can help you overcome this with our intensive marriage counseling retreats.  – Unhealed childhood trauma can resurface during arguments or disagreements in marriage, leading to emotional outbursts and conflicts. – Childhood trauma can manifest as insecurity, fear, and …

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Is Passive-Aggressive Behavior Ruining Your Relationship

Synopsis:  Passive-aggressive behavior can make relationships difficult and painful for a couple. This blog explains how passive aggression can hinder harmonious relationships among couples and how our couples retreat therapy can help.   – Passive-aggressive behavior can harm relationships and lead to heartache and loneliness if not addressed. – Signs of passive aggression in a …

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Nurturing Love: The Crucial Role of Marriage Retreats in a World of Rising Divorce Rates

Couples Counseling Retreats For Couples To Deal With The Trauma of Pregnancy Loss

Synopsis:  Pregnancy loss can be traumatic and can lead to rifts in relationships. An Affair Of The Heart reminds couples who go through this overwhelming situation not to hesitate to seek professional help and that our couples counseling retreats can help your relationship emerge stronger.  – Couples counseling retreats provide a safe space for couples …

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Embracing Love's Journey: Couple's Retreat Aids in Overcoming Insecurity Ahead of Marriage

How Emotionally Focused Therapy Is Used In Intensive Couples Therapy Retreats

Synopsis:  An Affair Of The Heart explains how important Emotionally Focused Therapy is in our intensive couples therapy retreats that help couples transform their relationships from dull, distant, and frayed bonds to more engaged, warm, and committed relationships.    – Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is used in intensive couples therapy retreats. – EFT is based …

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Can Your Marriage Overcome A One-Night Stand?

Synopsis:  An Affair Of The Heart explains how a marriage retreat can help couples whose marriage has been affected by a one-night stand.  – Neglecting a marriage can lead to a lack of connection and potentially result in a one-night stand. – Professions that involve travel or long working hours can increase the likelihood of …

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Deepen Your Commitment: Marriage Counseling Retreats at An Affair Of The Heart

Synopsis  An Affair Of The Heart offers intensive marriage counseling retreats that can help couples reinforce their commitment to each other.    – Marriage counseling retreats provide dedicated time and space for couples to focus on their relationship. – These retreats offer opportunities to learn and practice new communication and conflict resolution skills. – Attending …

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Intensive Couples Therapy Retreats To Help Couples Who Are Growing Apart

Synopsis  Couples can drift apart when there are unresolved conflicts, changes in their priorities, being absent for long, and the feeling that life is monotonous and dull. A retreat center like An Affair Of The Heart can help couples who want to strengthen their relationships with intensive couples therapy retreats.  We spend a lot of …

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Couples Counseling Retreats To Protect Your Relationship From Work-Related Stress

Synopsis An Affair Of The Heart explains how a couples counseling retreat can help couples whose work stress affects their relationship.  – Couples counseling enhances communication skills and enables open discussion of work-related stressors and relationship needs. – Setting clear boundaries between work and personal life prevents work from encroaching on quality time with partners …

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Reasons For You To Consider A Marriage Retreat

Synopsis An Affair Of The Heart helps you identify when to consider attending a marriage retreat and how it can help your relationship as a couple. A marriage retreat can help couples address issues such as growing apart, lack of connection, and unhealthy behaviors in their relationship. Effective communication strategies learned at a marriage retreat …

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