When Do Couples Need a Marriage Counseling Retreat?

Despite how perfect a relationship may be, there is always that moment when things go sideways. Often Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats play a vital role in rebuilding the relationship. At Affair Of The Heart, we specialize in private intensive couples retreats to help build relationships on trust, love, and open communication. 

Below are some of the problems that often push couples to seek Marriage Counseling Retreats

Divorce thoughts 

Divorce thoughts come when couples have gone through a lot for a long time. They might also have already tried other ways of rebuilding their relationship, and things are not just working out. Some may have already tried marriage counseling elsewhere, but it still hasn’t worked. However, sometimes Weekly family & couple therapy is just not enough time to discuss all the issues a couple is going through. 

At, Affair Of The Heart, we recommend that couples try our Couples Marriage Retreat, where they will have continuous counseling. We provide a safe and supportive environment where couples can share all the issues causing their relationship to suffer. We give couples adequate time to communicate, understand and regain trust in each other. 


Infidelity is another major issue that might be sent a couple to a Couples Therapy Retreat. For a suffering marriage to go back on track, the wounds caused by infidelity or an affair should heal. An unfaithfulness is a powerful act that can destroy a relationship to the point of no return; however, with the help of a retreat, couples can share their own side of the story, rebuild broken trust and even renew their vows to each other.

Emotional and sexual intimacy issues 

Often, emotional and sexual intimacy issues are brought about by poor communication or unsolved issues that may have caused so much pain in the past. A partner going through some disconnection from their spouse often feels like their efforts are not being recognized. The best way to deal with emotional and sexual intimacy issues that can lead to distress and disconnection is to give couples retreat a chance. 

Empty nest syndrome

Empty nest syndrome is experienced when couples have stayed together for so long, and along the way, so many responsibilities come along that they end up neglecting their emotional connection. When this goes on for a long time, couples end up living like roommates. A retreat with a professional organization like Affair Of The Heart allows such couples to rekindle their relationship. Couples are helped to establish why they are together and remember how far they have come. 

Pre-marital issues

Staying in a relationship after falling in love with your partner is not as easy as most people think. Before a couple settles in marriage, they must have undergone several issues that might become bigger issues in the future if they are not solved on time. This is when engaged couple Therapy Retreats are perfect for those that intend to settle down. 


Suppose your relationship is going through any of the abovementioned issues; consider giving Affair Of The Heart a call. We are more than ready to book your appointment with us and help you save your relationship.