This Is the Importance of Physical Intimacy in Marriage

Is there a rift in your relationship that you can’t seem to cross? Are you having trouble finding physical intimacy in marriage?

As your relationship grows throughout the years, sometimes you’ll run into problems that put your bond on fragile ice. It’ll feel like you can’t find a way to communicate without fighting or you spend a lot of your time apart from your loved one.

Physical intimacy issues are often a big part of a lot of other issues in a marriage. To find out more about this important aspect and how it ties into your relationship, keep reading.

Build Trust

With divorce rates going up in the US, marriage problems are at an all-time high. Within a relationship, you need a certain amount of trust to make it work.

Physical intimacy brings about a strong sense of trust between two partners. It’s impossible to have a consenting interaction without trust. You need to trust the other person will treat you well and they need to do the same for you in return.

You also learn how to read one another’s cues on when something is good and when something is bad.

This helps throughout the rest of your daily interactions with each other. When something upsets the other person, it’s easier to know when to ask since you’ll notice the little signals. You’ll trust that your spouse has your back no matter what.

Relieve Stress

Stress is a big cause of marriage issues since it’s such an overwhelming feeling. You’ll stress about money, the house, your job, the kids, and more. There’s always something to bring on more anxiety than you want.

When that stress has no release, it festers and grows until it’s a monster within your heart and a problem within your relationship. You’ll take it out on your spouse without even realizing it.

Physical intimacy is a great way to let go of a lot of stress. Sharing these moments allows you to relax in a way that helps you remember that the burden of stress should also be shared. You’re a team in your intimacy and you’re a team out of the bedroom, too.

Boost Confidence

There’s nothing quite as big of a confidence booster as realizing that your spouse finds you attractive. It makes you smile and feel good about yourself. You’ll carry this kind of confidence with you for days.

When there are physical intimacy problems within your marriage, it’s easy to start having doubts. Does your spouse find you attractive anymore? Are you the reason you haven’t been physically intimate in a long time?

Although your spouse still loves and finds you attractive, those doubts make it even more difficult to get into the right mood for intimacy. It’s a spiral that tends to get out of control until you find a way to break it.

One of the best ways to get past this hurdle is to go on a couple’s therapy retreat.

Learn to Communicate Better

Through physical intimacy, you’ll learn more about your partner and you’ll find ways to communicate without words. Intimacy helps you relax enough so that you’ll be more open to talking about anything and everything. If there’s something you’ve been meaning to say, take the chance afterward to talk about it.

Chances are good that your partner, who is now keyed onto you and only you, will listen far better than they would have with kids running around the house. It gives you both some private time to have a conversation without any distractions.

It’s possible to have good communication without physical intimacy, but this kind of closeness brings it to a whole new level.

Feel Comfortable

When you’re often intimate with your spouse, you’ll find a sense of comfort with one another that you can’t get in any other way. There’s no one else in the world with whom you’ll feel as comfortable or safe.

Without this time spent together, you’ll find it more difficult to be comfortable with each other.

That’s the main importance of physical intimacy. It gives you a chance to be at ease with your partner so that you’ll always have these moments to fall back on if you get into a future fight.

Laugh Together

Physical intimacy is often a bit of a comedic effort. The movies and books all make it seem flawless, but we know the truth. It’s messy, silly, and sometimes hilarious.

When you spend a lot of time with your partner, you learn to laugh at all of these ironic moments. It gives you a way to let go and enjoy the other person’s company without any pressure.

Improve Health

Since being intimate with your spouse is such a physical activity, it’s great for your health. While getting regular exercise is also important, sometimes it’s more fun to use intimacy as a way to skip a workout day.

You’ll work muscles you didn’t even realize you had while enjoying yourself the entire time.

Strengthen Your Bond

Through all of the items listed above, it’s easy to see how intimacy plays a part in your bond with your spouse. All of these little pieces fit together like a puzzle to create a bond that lasts for years.

Without the puzzle piece of physical intimacy, you’ll always have a picture with a hole in it. Try to find a way to bring back the fire between you two. It’ll bring a new sense of life to your relationship!

Physical Intimacy in Marriage Is the Key to Success

As you can see, there are a lot of important aspects that stem from physical intimacy in marriage. Without it, your relationship rarely ever feels complete. You’ll need to work together to get things going in the right direction again.

If you’re struggling to find that kind of intimacy you once shared, a great way to get into a new perspective is by going on a retreat.

For the best couples retreat to strengthen your relationship, contact us today and we’ll get you both on the path to finding that spark again!