Our first marriage counselor was too direct which caused my husband to become defensive and quit. Our second quit us, right before I was going to –claiming he brought us as far as he was able. Then my personal therapist recommended we find someone who specialized in Emotional Focused Therapy. We randomly chose Sage and walked in her office broken, hopeless and proclaimed we would give her one year. Our marriage was hanging on by a thread.

Sage is compassionate, kind, caring –everything you would expect and want in a marriage counselor. What makes her special is her ability to hold each person’s heart both separate and as a couple. She gives each person a voice, holds you accountable in a loving way and gently guides you to a safer, healthier place. She genuinely loves her work, believes in Emotional Focus Therapy and is very skilled. She transformed two skeptics, on very shaky ground, by educating us to prioritize and opened space for us to be vulnerable with each other. We learned to give and accept forgiveness and in the process heal hurtful wounds. We are both grateful for her direction, guidance and patience, but most of all for illuminating our path in a powerful and motivating way. She’s enabled us to grow as a couple…by her accepting and loving us both for who we are and believing in our ability to change and grow!