My wife and I have had marital issues throughout our long marriage. Twice we tried “marriage counseling” to no avail. We didn’t understand the problem, let alone have a solution.

After some research, we decided that EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) made the most sense, particularly because I was impressed with how Sage explained EFT and her manner on the phone interview. We therefore had high expectations.

To say those expectations have been greatly exceeded is a understatement. Even though we’ve not completed our therapy, Sage has changed a tense and a generally “not fun” marriage into one that’s enjoyable, where, emotionally, my wife and I are now growing together after many long years.

While it’s tempting to give credit to EFT, and surely it deserves some, there is no doubt that Sage, masterful, challenging and fun, has been the key.

She has an uncanny ability to burrow deep into our emotions, encouraging (never pushing) us into depths we’ve seldom explored, both individually and interacting as a couple. For two people that seldom cry, Sage has us crying more sessions than not. It’s quite therapeutic.

In early sessions, she armed us with techniques to prevent casual arguments spiraling into full out fights. She then drew out, both individually and as a couple, the emotional scars preventing us from connecting. Once drawn out, these scars could be dealt with, although without Sage, it would not have been possible.

The difference in our marriage after maybe 15 sessions is amazing. We now refer to the time when our marriage had issues as “pre-Sage”.

Never critical, always encouraging, but amazingly perceptive to our moods and even facial expressions, Sage misses nothing with her seemingly casual but laser like focus. She combines an incredible ability to push us into areas we’re reluctant to, but must venture. At the same time , she is exceedingly encouraging and supportive.

It’s difficult for us to believe there is someone better than Sage at her profession. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found her