Qualities of a Good Marriage Retreat

Are you looking for a suitable marriage retreat? If you are looking for first-time service, seek referrals from friends who have been there before. Besides referrals, the first impression may be essential to what you should expect. Some factors will help you find the best Marriage Counseling Retreat.


A good marriage retreat handles issues objectively without adopting a neutral stance. For instance, when attending a therapy session, your marriage counselor should help you look at issues objectively and help you create solutions. 

Similarly, when trying to find solutions, your therapist shouldn’t impose solutions but instead open your perspectives so that you identify solutions independently. At AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART, we remain objective throughout your therapy sessions. We help you find long-lasting solutions to the complex issues in your marriage without influencing your decision.


Marriage involves sensitive issues like intimacy and handling finances. Although you are open to professional help, that doesn’t mean compromising your privacy. You have the right to retain any information that you consider discrete. If you choose to share any critical information, you should have the guarantee that it remains to be a secrete between your family and your therapist. Therefore, a good marriage retreat should uphold a high level of privacy of clients’ information.

Research-based Results

Marriage requires a multifaceted approach to conflict resolution. As a result, marriage retreats employ various strategies to help clients settle marriage conflicts. You need a Relationship Retreat that gives you enough value for your money. A retreat that focuses on personal opinion and theoretical knowledge will only yield temporary results. To achieve the best results, look for therapists who employ scientific research in marriage therapy. At AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART, we follow a scientific approach backed up by real-life situations. We’ll give you take-home assignments to practice at home during your session. 

Respect for Your Goals

You should have clear goals for a retreat. You may not know where to begin solving the challenges, and let your therapist guide you accordingly. Your goals are unique to you and are not subject to influence. A good couples’ weekend retreat therapy respects your goals and helps you achieve them throughout your counseling session. Without goals, your retreat may fall short of what you deserve in the marriage. 

Follow-up Programs

Follow up is a crucial component of successful and effective marriage therapy. The retreat is an integral part of the process, but how your therapist evaluates your progress also matters. As a result, your Couples Therapy Weekend should offer effective follow-up strategies to evaluate your results. Through follow-up, your therapist will ascertain if you are making good progress towards a blissful marriage.

Well-trained Therapists

A sensitive issue such as marital conflict requires sound knowledge and understanding of the whole aspect of marriage. You shouldn’t entrust your marriage to people who claim to be experts but can’t prove their expertise. Thus, therapists at a couples’ marriage retreat should have adequate knowledge, skills, and training in marriage therapy. At AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART, we boast highly-trained industry specialists who understand their practice.