Intensive Couples Therapy Retreats To Help Couples Who Are Growing Apart


Couples can drift apart when there are unresolved conflicts, changes in their priorities, being absent for long, and the feeling that life is monotonous and dull. A retreat center like An Affair Of The Heart can help couples who want to strengthen their relationships with intensive couples therapy retreats. 

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We spend a lot of time looking for “that special person” or “the one.” Relationships can start with couples being overwhelmingly happy, enjoying being together, having romantic getaways, and with a sense of comfort and excitement blended. However, the peaks slowly plateau as time passes, and we settle into a life routine with our spouses or partners. This is perfectly normal and necessary, too. After all, we all know that the bills must be paid, career goals should be met, babies need to be fed, dogs have to be walked, and the laundry must be done. Routines can become a rut in which you find yourself stuck. What can cause concern is when you find yourself drifting apart from each other over the years. It is what many couples describe as losing the spark in a relationship. You do not feel the connection you shared or have the fun you used to have, and this can be painful.  


An Affair Of The Heart in Northampton, MA, provides three to five-day intensive couples therapy retreats for couples who need help. We have a highly qualified team of highly qualified therapists with years of experience. With our help, you will learn how to communicate effectively, resolve problems, settle resentment, and renew your love and trust in each other. With our intensive couples therapy retreats, you can experience the closeness and affection you desire again. 

Why Do Couples Grow Apart?

Every relationship is different as individuals are unique, and the dynamics of a relationship vary from couple to couple. Couples can grow apart for different reasons. Here are four reasons that can lead to a dwindling emotional connection between a couple. 


  1. Unresolved Conflicts
  2. Falling Into A Routine
  3. A Shift in Priorities
  4. Absence of a Partner

How Does Unresolved Conflict Cause You To Drift Apart From Your Spouse/Partner?

Most couples can be unlike each other and have opposing views on politics, parenting styles, managing finances, etc. While some differences are easy to accommodate and do not impact the relationship, some can be a source of discontent and conflict. 


Unfortunately, we usually avoid discussing the problems that bother us and create friction between us and our partners. Sometimes, conflicts can lie below the surface in long-term couples with a close bond. At times, they can arise in an instant of high stress, while some conflicts can build over time due to a continuous disintegration in the relationship. Whatever the nature of the conflict, it breeds resentment and can hinder communication if you do not resolve it.


It is better to initiate a conversation about the conflict with your partner to improve your relationship. This can be a very awkward step that feels risky for most of us to initiate. In an intensive couples therapy retreat at An Affair Of The Heart, we help you to communicate effectively as a couple. Our therapists help you start conversations and ensure safe and healthy communication. These retreats will make you a stronger, closer, and happier couple by helping you resolve conflicts.

Routines That Can Lead To Weaker Emotional Connection

Life is such that we can’t avoid doing some things. We all fall into a set routine after getting married or being committed to a relationship. It gets things done, can be necessary, and sometimes even feels comfortable. It is extremely easy for us just to do the daily march, tick things off lists, and get through the day. But then, we may find ourselves losing the bond with a partner.


You can bring some spontaneity into your lives and shake things up a bit now and then. Surprise your spouse with a small gift. Go out on a date night, choose a fancy place, and dress up. Small gestures of appreciation can be immensely helpful to rekindle your spark and bring you closer together.

Changed Priorities

We usually choose partners who we feel share our expectations, likes, interests, and visions for the future. But with time, people can change. As individuals, both people in a couple are also growing as persons, and their priorities can shift. Especially in the case of couples who got together when they were very young, this can be the case. Changing priorities can make you or your spouse feel hurt, betrayed, and confused. 


You can try to compromise and work to understand each other’s priorities and realign your goals as a couple. However, this is not always practical. Sometimes, an individual’s priorities can put a relationship at stake. Also, as individuals, we all have our right to choose what we want to focus on the most—a therapist with training and experience best handles this situation. Our therapists at An Affair Of The Heart have wide experience, and our intensive couples therapy retreats can help you find a middle ground as a couple that keeps both of you happy. We help you find a bond and connection to cherish despite the changing ideas you have as individuals.  

Absence of a Partner

One of the most common causes for a couple to grow apart is the absence of one or both partners. This can be due to work, where one or both of you are constantly traveling or working odd times. The less you see of each other, the more the chance of the above three reasons occurring in your marriage or relationship. 


 When you have no time to spend together, your intimacy is compromised. Communication can be disrupted, and conflicts arise that remain bottled up. Whether the absence is due to work, a newfound passion, social obligations, other relationships, or some other crisis, the other person in the couple will feel that priorities are no longer the same for both of you. 


Unfortunately, absence is sometimes inevitable. Work, family demands, academic pursuits, and other factors can all demand that you or your partner/spouse be absent from your relationship. If this is not a temporary situation, you both must work on incorporating this into your relationship.  


An intensive couples therapy retreat at An Affair Of The Heart can help couples find ways to stay connected even when physically distant. We understand that being away from your loved one is stressful and never easy. We advise you to set aside time at intervals (depending on what is feasible). During the intensive couples therapy retreats, we help you learn how to communicate effectively, deal with conflicts, tackle negative emotions, and build trust. 

What is an Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat?

Intensive couples therapy retreats offer couples a getaway from their hectic schedules to focus on their relationship. We all tend to keep putting off spending time to fortify our relationships, as we are constantly juggling so many things at work, for family, and due to other issues. Couples retreats give you that break you desire to devote time to focus on your relationship. 


An Affair Of The Heart gives our customers the freedom to choose when and where their in-person retreat will take place by providing them access to numerous places to do the work. Our in-person retreats are held in carefully chosen private venues in downtown Northampton. We have developed agreements with landlords that provide whole apartments that are fully furnished, completely private, and conveniently located within walking distance of all of downtown’s stores and attractions. This strikes an excellent compromise between the solitude and security required for intense work and the ability to experience everything Northampton offers in your spare time.


Our online Zoom retreats can help you work more efficiently while remaining in the comfort and security of your own home. This strategy requires a safe, secure area that is free of interruptions. Many people pick this option to save time and effort on their travels.

Results of Intensive Couples Therapy Retreats at An Affair Of The Heart

  • Better Communication
  • Stronger Bond
  • A Sense of Purpose and Direction in Your Relationship

Why Choose An Affair Of The Heart for an Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat

Scientifically Proven Methods

Our intensive couples retreats are based on the Emotionally Focused Therapy informed Hold Me Tight® workshop developed by Sue Johnson, originator of EFT. Our individual intensives draw heavily on EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and ImTT (Image Transformation Therapy).


Our couples intensives also rely on trauma resolution protocols drawn from EMDR and ImTT to assist you during break-out sessions to deeply process stuck trauma from your negative past experiences. This trauma affects your ability to stay present and connected to your partner. So much of our ability to love and trust our partner has to do with what we bring into the relationship from our past, making the individual processing sessions an extremely important component of the thorough and lasting positive changes couples experience from our retreats.

Experienced Coaches or Therapists

Our therapists have been working with individuals and couples for decades. Our high level of knowledge and accumulated skills provide tremendous value, as we can draw from extensive experience and provide sound guidance no matter what situation your relationship is in.

Clear Expectations

An Affair Of The Heart provides all the details, including your hourly schedule at the intensive couples therapy retreat. We want to settle any concerns that you may have about what you will spend your time doing and what types of activities you will be involved in.

Utilize Time Efficiently

Intensive couple therapy retreats of three to five days offer so much more value in a single day than weekly couples therapy can provide because sessions are ongoing.

Clear Pricing

All details about pricing are given on the An Affair Of The Heart website. We also provide a free consultation to interested individuals with no obligation, allowing you to ask as many questions as you like to ensure that we are a good fit and can offer the best couples retreat possible for you and your partner before you commit.

Intensive Couples Therapy Retreats at An Affair Of The Heart; Protecting Couples From Drifting Apart

If you have concerns that your relationship is not as strong as it was and that you are drifting apart, you must take steps to strengthen it. If you are unable to sort things yourselves or unsure of how to start, we can help you. Call An Affair Of The Heart at (413) 210-3739 to learn how an intensive couples retreat can help couples facing relationships. Our skilled and experienced therapists are committed to helping couples find renewed joy and trust in their relationships. Do not lose hope when you experience struggles as a couple; experience the bliss of togetherness as a couple with professional help from An Affair Of The Heart in Northampton, MA