Fundamental Points to Consider when Choosing a Couples Retreat

So you and your spouse have read about what marriage retreats are and what to expect, but you don’t know how to choose one that suits your needs. Or you and your spouse have attended a Relationship Retreat before, and you’re wondering which one you should go to next. Couples retreats offer a variety of content topics, but they’re specifically designed to meet you where you are and strengthen your bond. If finding the right fit for your relationship feels overwhelming, the guide below will make it easy. 

Learn More About What the Retreat Focuses On

A good retreat is one that focuses on the following:

  • Communication and conflict management- retreats teach you different communication skills that can help you better communicate with your partner, especially when you argue. The qualified therapists at the Couples Counseling Retreat teach you communication strategies to help you break down any communication barriers you’re facing. In addition, you will learn conflict resolution strategies that will be useful whenever you have issues. 
  • Marriage and parenting- intensive marriage retreats usually address issues associated with marriage and parenting. These retreats are for couples who are having issues balancing marriage with parenting. Further, these retreats help people who are in stepfamilies, raising children with special needs, or have fostered kids. You will acquire useful parenting skills so that you can peacefully co-parent without having disagreements all the time. 
  • Sex and intimacy- attending a retreat is a great way to build intimacy with your partner. These retreats allow you to take your relationship to the next level by openly discussing your sex life. You will learn what your partner likes sexually. This is important, especially because they can reveal some things they were afraid to tell you. You will also learn how to improve your sex life if it has been lurking. 
  • Self-guidance- when you attend a couples retreat, you will go through self-guided sessions with your spouse. During these sessions, you will rest and reconnect at your own pace and use content from a devotional notebook to enrich your marriage. This is convenient for couples who don’t want to tell their issues to a therapist or other couples. 
  • Marriage enrichment- at Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats, you will make your strong marriage even stronger. The marriage enrichment experience is usually based on proven, biblically-based principles. These principles will give you the practical tools needed to create a more intimate and loving marriage. 

By attending a retreat that focuses on the following, you will enjoy the following benefits.

Spend Time Away

Doing the same day every day can be boring and cause conflict in a relationship. At home, you spend most of your time catering to the needs of children and handling other responsibilities. These responsibilities always become a priority, making you forget about your marriage. This can have an adverse impact on the marriage and cause the husband and wife to lose the affection they once shared. 

Attending a Couples Retreat Near Me will give you a few nights away from kids, work, and other tasks. As a result, you will have time for each other and give priority to your relationship. 

Biblical Marriage Counseling

Receiving biblical marriage counseling can help you learn how to resolve conflicts in a healthy manner. This is because you will learn communication skills that will help you listen to your spouse and process and understand what they’re saying. You will also be in a safe environment where you will express the unhappiness you feel. Further, biblical marriage counseling allows you to put God at the center of your relationship. 

You will be able to meet all the biblical standards of a Godly marriage. By attending the retreat, you can refocus on your relationship with God. 


Being away from your routine life allows you to take yourself and think about how you can improve. For instance, if you have anger issues, you can work on them to ensure you can control yourself whenever you fight with your spouse. At the retreat, you get to explore your weaknesses and how they negatively impact your relationship. You will also understand the problems in your marriage and how you contribute to them. 

As a result, you will be taught how to better yourself as a person, which will better your marriage.