Factors To Consider When Selecting a Couple’s Therapy Retreat

Relationships can sometimes be complicated due to complex life issues. But despite their complication, the success of your relationship depends on how you relate with your spouse.

With varying cultural backgrounds, experiences, needs, and backgrounds, you can expect to have differences with your spouse at one point in life.

One of the ways to resolve marital differences is to attend Couples Therapy Retreats. But when selecting a suitable retreat, what should you consider?

Your Goals

Sometimes it is hard to craft a way forward for your marriage when battling serious issues such as infidelity. Despite the prevailing circumstance, you should be clear on what you wish to achieve after your sessions at the marriage therapy retreats.

If you have minor differences, your goal may be to clarify the complex issues and define a heading. In other instances, you may be looking forward to establishing efficient communication channels and conflict resolution mechanisms. 

On the other hand, if you have problems having intimacy, it should form part of your goal for the retreat.

The Type of Retreat

Couples Marriage Retreats come in various forms, namely private and group sessions. Group retreats may focus on enhancing communication and conflict resolutions. Some group sessions may also focus on building teamwork and socialization skills.

On the other hand, Private Sessions focus on solving specific complex issues between spouses. Private therapy sessions will be ideal if you have deeply-rooted troubles in your marriage. At AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART, we offer private therapy sessions for couples wishing to give their marriage a new lease of life.

Length of the Sessions

Relationship retreats vary from three days to one week. Depending on how long you’ve been in marriage and the complexity of your issues, you may opt for a few days or a week’s therapy retreat. At AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART, we offer up to 5 days of private couples therapy sessions. We can customize your therapy session to help you solve a complex situation.


A couples’ retreat can help spouses rejuvenate their troubled marriage, but it comes with a price to pay. A private retreat, for instance, can range anywhere from $4500 to $15000 exclusive of accommodation, meals, and travel expenses.

Before you set out, you should consider the cost, especially when working on a fixed budget. If you want a more customized session, you will dig deeper to enjoy added benefits.

Experience of the Counselors

A good therapy retreat has professional counselors and therapists who can handle different couples’ issues. They should have proven skills in handling complex matters in marriage over a couple of years. In addition, to skills and experience, it is essential to consider the interests and values of your counselors. They should show interest in your case and be willing to help you reach a solution.

At AN AFFAIRS OF THE HEART, we boast 40 years of experience handling conflicts in marriage. Using our expertise, we can employ a comprehensive step-by-step approach to helping you solve your dispute.

Follow Up

If you are considering a Couples Weekend Retreat Therapy, verify that it has a robust follow-up program for the clients. A follow-up is the surest way to monitor your recovery progress. AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART offers a follow-up to couples through regular and scheduled online sessions.