Before Going for an Intensive Marriage Retreat; As Yourself These Questions

If you and your partner are facing marital issues or need relationship advice, you may want to consider going for an intensive marriage retreat. However, before you sign up for a Couples Marriage Retreat, it is vital to ask yourself questions. The answers to these questions will help you and your spouse determine if this is something that can work for both of you and if it will help address the issues you are facing. 

The best aspect of choosing an intensive marriage retreat instead of traditional marriage counseling is that the results are accelerated. The questions below will help you understand what’s important before you go for an intensive marriage retreat. 

Why Are You Going on The Retreat?

Knowing why you want to go for an intensive marriage retreat is critical to making your plans and getting the most out of your investment. Is your marriage in trouble? Have you stayed for too long without dealing with your marital issues? Has one of you cheated? Has one of you emotionally checked out of the marriage? Have you tried traditional therapy to no avail? 

Do you simply want to nurture your marriage and learn effective communication skills? If you and your spouse answered yes to any of these questions, you may be eligible to attend an intensive marriage retreat.

Will the Retreat Help You Escape Your Routine?

Escaping from the normal routine is common with marriage counseling. For traditional therapy, couples have to attend one hour every week. For a lot of couples, this is okay because they don’t have to leave their normal routines. This is different from an Intensive Marriage Retreats because couples are completely removed from their daily lives so they can focus on their relationship. 

There is no rushing through the issues. Couples have enough time to focus on solving and addressing their issues. They also get the time to practice what they learn from marriage experts.

Is There Immediate Availability at the Couples’ Retreat?

If your marriage is in crisis, you may need immediate intervention. There are intensive marriage retreats that host several couples at a go, ensuring that participants benefit from a group dynamic. These retreats require participants to register in advance. However, for couples that need instant intervention, a private intensive weekend might do them justice. 

Such retreats give couples access to a therapist team. This team gives them undivided attention with complete privacy. Getting in such retreats is achievable on short notice, which make it the best choice for couples in need of immediate assistance.

Should One See More Than One Therapist? 

Intensive marriage retreats give couples the opportunity of being served by another couple. This is unlike traditional NYC Couples Therapy where couples sit with one therapist. You are able to enjoy the comfort of working with a husband-wife team. This team will help you navigate through all the tough marital issues you are dealing with. There is also a balance couples feel when receiving therapy from such teams. 

Should You Choose a Group or Private Retreat?

Depending on why you want to go for an intensive marriage retreat, the group format can be extremely beneficial. This is because you know you are not the only couple dealing with marital issues. By sharing issues in a group setting, you can receive insight and experience from other couples dealing with the same issues as you. For marriage to succeed, hard work is necessary. 

On the other hand, privacy is important for certain married couples. For instance, celebrities and prominent social figures might feel uncomfortable sharing their marriage problems in public. Therefore, decide which setting will work for you and your spouse. 

How Committed Are You and Your Partner to Your Relationship?

Attending a Marriage Counseling Retreat is a life-changing experience. It allows you to remember why you fell in love and the issues that are challenging this love. You will also learn and practice skills that will better your marriage. The most interesting aspect of intensive marriage retreats is that they are hosted in beautiful locations. 

This means it is like going on a vacation with your partner. However, both of you must discuss how your marriage is important to both you and decide if going away and staying committed to the retreat is something that will work in the long run.