4 Tips to Consider When Picking an Intensive Marriage Retreat

If your marriage or relationship keeps having the same issues, it may be a sign that you need to attend a relationship retreat. These retreats give you access to a qualified therapist that can help you solve your issues and improve your union. There are other benefits associated with attending a retreat, but to enjoy all of them, you must be keen on how you pick a retreat. There are multiple Intensive Marriage Retreats you can choose from, which makes the entire process confusing. 

However, the tips below can make it very simple for you to pick the perfect retreat. 

Consider If the Retreat Primarily Works with Couples

In the field of marriage counseling, it is prevalent for therapists trained to work with individuals to take extra time to work at different couples-based retreats. The issue is that these therapists are not trained to work with couples experiencing marital problems. Not every therapist is qualified to work with couples. This is why you should only work with a licensed marriage and family therapist. 

This is because their training teaches them how to work correctly with the problems and issues that arise in a marriage. Such therapists understand the complexities of relationship dynamics and are trained to help a couple identify the root of the problems that are running the relationship. For this reason, you should do your research before you decide on a retreat. Only choose a Couples Therapy Retreat with licensed therapists that can handle the unique needs of your marriage. 

Investigate the Core Values of the Retreat

Not all retreats will work for your marriage. The best marriage therapy retreats are those that believe in the unity of marriage. Such retreats also take your marital vows seriously. Successful retreats are the ones that focus on finding ways to repair the aspects of your relationship that are ruined. 

In addition, choose a retreat that can help you focus more on all the good parts of your relationship. The best therapists want to see you and your spouse solve your differences and bring your relationship back to a healthy and thriving partnership. 

Consider the Goals and Objectives of the Retreat

It is vital to pick a retreat with clearly defined goals. The retreat should have a therapist that can effectively communicate the expectations they have while taking into consideration your most important issues. Oftentimes, people go to Couples Retreats not knowing what to expect. In such cases, it is up to the therapist to flush out those issues so that couples can spend the remaining time at the retreat working productively towards a common goal. 

The best couples’ retreats will consider all these issues and then work with you. They will also give you the resources and strategies you need to continue the work you began during the retreat when you go back home. 

Consider the Costs of Attending the Marriage Retreat

When trying to save your relationship, you should have a ‘money is no object’ mindset. However, going to a retreat that is going to put you through financial struggle will be a major issue afterward. If you choose a retreat you can’t afford, you will end up having a worse disagreement when you get back home. This is why you should come up with a budget beforehand. 

This will give you an idea of how much money you are willing to spend without experiencing financial hardships. The best retreats are those that are upfront with all the costs associated with the retreat. This ensures that you don’t deal with surprise costs later on. Suppose money is tight at the moment; research if there are scholarships you can take advantage of. 

You can also consider picking a retreat with different payment options. Such a retreat can give you a payment plan you can easily afford. 


To pick a Marriage Retreat that can meet the specific needs of your relationship, you must consider factors such as the costs and the qualifications of the therapists working at the retreat. Further, you should consider the goals and objectives of the retreat so as to ensure they align with what you believe. By thinking about all the above considerations, you can be guaranteed you’re attending the right retreat.