Therapists ASSISTING & PRODUCING Workshops

We actively seek out therapists with EFT background as assistants. Please call us if you are interested. If you would like to produce a workshop in your area with your clients and referrals from other therapists we would love to come and teach. Again, please contact us.

WHY Workshops for Therapists and Their Spouses?

Therapists make a difference in peoples lives. In EFT the therapist is as emotionally involved as the members of the couple they are working with, and as vulnerable, as they become the “attachment” figure that holds the space of trust and safety for the work being done.

DOING Your Own Work

Having “done your own work” makes a real difference in how you feel at the end of a session, and the end of a work-day. Doing your own work in a workshop with your spouse is a sensitive space. You know all this “emotional stuff” and now you have to put it on the external speaker, in a group. Wow. When Alicia and I did this I found I had a need for safety, privacy, and support that surprised me. I bring this sensitivity to all our workshops and am most aware of it when working with therapists.

Other Benefits

Doing your own work in EFT, in the Hold Me Tight weekend, in the Healing Relationship Injuries workshop and in the Couple’s Five-Day Residential Retreat provides other valuable experiences too. The content and process of the therapist and spouse workshops are the same as with clients; AND, we take a little more time with theory, a few extra slides, and sometimes we get sidetracked into a “therapists’ discussion.” Not for long though as I have respect for your spouse for them showing up and being involved with all these therapists.

More Benefits? You get an experiential grounding in the EFT model; the stages and steps come alive. This experiential understanding extends to the attachment theory base and the effects of trauma on relationships and therapy.


“Hold Me Tight“ Couples Weekend Workshop

  The “Hold Me Tight” weekend will ground you experientially in the EFT therapeutic process. The stages and step of EFT come alive for you as does the theory. I believe this workshop easily offers as much therapeutic value as 10 couples sessions (which makes it an excellent value economically). Couples coming out of this weekend (you too) have the tools, the experience, the information, and the language to streamline their work with their therapist; many of them have had significant breakthroughs in their relationship. It truly is a learning, repair and maintenance workshop that strengthens the couples bond.

Hold Me Tight weekends meet Saturday 10 am to 9 pm, and Sunday 10 am to 2 pm. Cost is $525 per couple.

Couple’s Five-Day Residential Retreat

Five to seven couples meet at a residential retreat center and work with the EFT couples process for five days. During this retreat, the therapist works directly with each couple in the large group setting (usually in the evening). This is extraordinary work for the couple as well as the observers. It builds trust and connection in the couple and in the group. This, in turn, enables the individual/couples a new experience of being held safely by their other, and by others: a more universal attachment experience. You will come away with a new understanding of holding the space of safety and support your couples need; you will have a clearer understanding of the tracking process and enactments.

Couple’s Five-Day Residential Retreats cost $750 per couple plus room and board facility fee.

Healing Relationship Injuries Workshop

A one day, 8-hour workshop designed around the forgiving injuries process developed in EFT. In therapy, this healing and forgiving process often happen in the space between Stage 1 and Stage 2. By then both members of the couple are on board, with enough trust to begin expressing deeper fears and deeper longing/needs. This is where the Hold Me Tight weekend brings us which is why it is a prerequisite and why both are combined in the Five-day Residential Retreat.

The Healing Relationship Injuries workshop cost is $240 per couple. Pre-requisite: completion of Hold Me Tight weekend.