“We are obsessed with love and love relationships. But what do we really know about love? We instinctively know that there is no other experience that will have more impact on our lives — our happiness and health — than our success at loving and being loved. We know that love makes us vulnerable, but also that we are never as safe and strong as when we are sure we are loved. We know that at the most difficult moments in our lives, nothing but the comfort of the ones we love will do.”

– Dr. Sue Johnson, Love Sense, pg. 3

Our Workshops Work

Here’s Why You’ll Love Our Workshops

Efficiency & Time Saved

  • Workshops and intensives are efficient; you spend less time saying “hello” & “goodbye.” Do the work, then have your life to live.


  • Personal and Relationship trauma can be addressed through the relationship: “the solution is in the relationship.”


  • This is a “live in” experience: you are doing it not just talking about it.

Proven Results

  • You live in the Emotional Truth of what’s going on in your relationship and you leave with a stronger bond.

What Our Customers Have To Say

“We moved to a different place over the course of the weekend; we emerged feeling connected and positive.”

 – P. & M. | Northampton, MA

“Amazing journey of personal discovery. Time well spent to grow my relationship and connection.”

– S. | Amherst, MA

“I was pretty nervous going in; it turned out to be a safe place. Our relationship and conversation are better than ever.”

– S. & K. | Northampton, MA

“Ross’ Hold Me Tight Weekend Workshop is fantastic and absolutely one of the best couples workshops you can take. First, I reviewed all of the top relationship therapy approaches and believe that Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy is the best because scientific human studies have proven its efficacy and effectiveness. This is the basis for Ross’ workshop. Second, Ross has devoted his life to this type of work and knows the material very well, shares meaningful personal examples and easily engages people and gets results thanks to his years of being a couple’s therapist. Third, Ross is a great teacher and teaches the material in a way that you can’t forget it even in those heat of the battle moments when you are most likely to forget everything you know! My Fiancée and I have been able to apply the workshop material immediately and it has changed our relationship and deepened our love for one another.”

– R.W. | Cambridge, MA